NAME: Buckwheat Catapillar


OCCUPATION: Musician, Philosopher, Provocateur


ALIAS: Arrogant Boulder, Monkey Dick, The Reverend Douche Orawipe, Doctor Knockors, Yerun Swallows, Dark Winters


BIGGEST FANS:  Mr. Leonard, Tamzilla, Johnny Sumothergil, Felix Penitrator, Rudi Sahoodi


DESCRIPTION: Colorful clown toting guitar


CHARGES: Inciting musical revolution, blatant disregard for musical marketability, impersonating a nun


LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Tacoma, Washington State 






"I will Find You Buckwheat"




Sheriff Wayne of Tacoma has a stern warning for the rocking renegade known as Buckwheat Catapillar - "I will find you Buckwheat."


In his sick mind he may be the Lead singer in a group Baby Knockors with Felix Penitrator on guitars and a house gig at the Back Forty but in reality he's better known as the singer and guitarist for Buckwheat Catapillar---Musician---Philosopher---Provocateur whod can be found at YOU TUBE when you type "Mr. Catapillar the Jew Hating Clown." But be aware he likes Jews, and he drinks orange Juice every morning before he has sex with his neighbor. And lest he forget and need to give some credit to Justin Macdonald and to Denny Porter a/k/a Felix Penitrator the two fellows that put him on the path to insanity.

If you
you have any on information to the whereabouts of Buckwheat Catapillar please contact Sheriff Buck Wayne immediately.







ANXIETY (2013)


If you like KC and The Sunshine Band, The Bee Gees, and Leo Sayer chances are you will not the new release Buckwheat Catapillar entitled Anxiety. However if you Like Iggy Pop, Frank Zappa and getting your face fried crispy hot buy a crazy-azz clown then you will no doubt tumble like a tumbleweed for this CD.  BUY CD







"This ain't dancing music---it's listening music."



The reviews are in!!! Buckwheat Catapillar is loved by all who dare to listen to him. Even those fuspot critics love him. Yep you heard right. So how is this possible? We have no farking idea folks.  READ REVIEWS



"real and genuine"



 "the ultimate political-pseudo-comical rock"



"like a powerful drug"



"Buckwheat Catapillar plays Russian Roulette with his guitar"






"Tacoma’s version of Howard Stern"








Q What's the biggest audience you ever performed to? What's the smallest?

BC UPS Field House, Tower of Power...about 1500. Playing Tacoma Dome with The Wailors the night Denny Porter said something smart, got slugged and his jaw broke. I think he was asked where he learned his manners and he said, "In the Gutter where'd you learn yours ?" The Smallest audience... I believe the smallest audience was when a midget hired me to play at his wedding...there were about 40 people there all under 4 feet tall. If you mean the smallest number it would have been the time we volunteered to play at the Humane Society, there was the guy that blows the turds out the door with a pressure washer, Dawg Chapman on work release, and the big breasted fat lady who said she wasn't a hairlip but a victim of a visious Tom cat attack though with that lisp you coulda fooled me. And then of course there were a lotta barking that would make an audience of 3 and probably 16 yapping mutts. Of course if you mean big like tall...I to played for a Ubangi's bachelor party not to long ago...I jammed on Kennedy's Head while the Ubangi's drank their spodey and roasted Dalmatians on the barbecue. Crap they were tall. I did play a Weight Watchers convention...that audience was real big.